Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quarter Life Crisis

Saturday night when I found my self on the emotional state of being so alone. I cried in the sense that I am so hopeless. I thought no one can make me happy, no one seems to understand me, no one appreciates my effort, and no one loves me. My frustration leads me to extreme sadness. The sadness that no one can ever make me at ease or relax.

I know I’m suffering to so called quarter life crisis. Were everyone young professionals/individuals at their mid 20's experienced frustration, insecurities, boredom, loss of closeness to high school and college friends, desire to have a family and a sense that everyone is better than you.

I admit those given scenarios are happening to me. Failed relationships triggered me to be more emotional although I know I feel better now. But as life goes by and being in the Mid 20's of my life I need someone. Someone who will love me for the rest of my life. But still bit confused I have so may "what if's".

I'm going to my 26th few months from now and I feel I am not belong to the real world. Every one seems fooling around and playing others people emotion. I’m tired of being alone, being neglected, and being a special friend. I want a life worth living for. I want a life that is full of joy and harmony. I want a life what God’s want me to be.

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