Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Just Asking"

"I look
I stare
I observe
But it seems you don't feel I exist

I was wounded
By your sight I was healed
I was hurt
By your smile I was comforted
I failed but
Your presence made me survive

You made the dazzle with joy
You filled my days with gaiety
You gladdened my heart
You made me extra ordinarily happy

Cogitating all the deeds you do
Undoubtedly desirable, admirable
Simply your a chevalier chap
Witty man with weal action
With the superb traits you embody
Is it too much to ask
If I can be you friend..."

I saw this poem on my compilations while i am cleaning my cabinet and i forgot where it came from and who wrote it. I just wanted to share it :)


nahj12 said...

ayun.. welcome to the blog world sis.. :).. binigay sayo? naks..so sweet :)

ColorsEveryWhere said...

thank sis! nakalimutan ko kung saan ko nakuha yan... kahahanap ko sa poem ko ginawa ko nung higschool yan nakita ko...sayang nawala ko un poem ko waaaaaaaa